Vevo! eSales

Marketing Software for Catalog Driven Business

Digital Catalog, EMarketing, Sales Campaign and Sales Lead Conversion Tool

Free Digital Catalog, Free Printed Catalog, Free Sales Presentation, Free Interactive Customer Quotation and Customer/Event Driven Mini Album Tools ; Free Digital Marketing Tool, Free Customer Interaction Tools, Free Image Cataloging & Graphic Tools; Free Product Content Management Tools  � All in One, integrated, simplified


Vevo! eSales helps in effective back office management, digital cataloging, digital marketing, sales presentations, product content management, sales campaign presentation building, digital display to customers / prospects, digital photo album making and customer interaction. Unlike most competitive products, it is highly affordable solution for catalog business and very effectively deals with marketing and back office challenges.   Click to Try Before You Buy

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Sales & Marketing Solutions

Interactive Presentations

Product Content Management

Enable Business Digitally

  Download Vevo! eSales Version 3.1  

Vevo! eSales : Available Versions and quick comparison

  Freeware Version Try Before You Buy (TBYB) Enterprise version
Product Features All features available All features available All features available
Restrictions Yes (200 catalog products) No (unlimited) No (unlimited)
Expiry Limitation No Yes (30 days) No
Price (US $) Free Free to try
Buy Now  (US $ 29.95 at special launch price)-Regular Price $45

The download file for all three options, is same. It is handled at product registration area for the version, you may intend to use with.


 Should you be facing any difficulty in downloading / installing or viewing the files, please contact us either from support section of the site.

Please click the link below to  download the Vevo! eSales Installer.




Click here to download Vevo! eSales

Important Note: For new users, the default user name is admin and password is admin. User is required to login in secured mode to manage data. User can modify can password from the program.

Should you be facing any difficulty in downloading / installing or viewing the files, please contact us either from support section of the site.



Download : Data Access Component 2.8
If the program does not work properly and give data access related error, then you may require to download this file or get it from Microsoft Site.

Windows  Installer update
For the Windows operating system 95 or 98, you may require MSI Installer update for CatalogBuilder installation process.

If you do not have program to unzip downloaded files, download Win Zip program. 

Acrobat Reader
If you do not have program to read PDF files, download Acrobat Reader program. 
Click to Download

PowerPoint Viewer
Download PowerPoint Viewer to run CatalogBuilder Presentation document.


Emarketing Software Contacts and Site Information

Vevo! eSales Fact Sheet

Vevo! eSales -PowerPoint Presentation (How can Vevo! eSales help catalog business)

Specimen Presentations using Vevo! eSales


Also Create web catalog and multimedia CD Catalog with our Vevo! CatalogBuilder

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