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Customer Driven eSales Album

Vevo! eSales facilitates quick and powerful product album for customer / event.

  eSales Album Window has the following facilities:

  • Album navigation pane to select specific album for viewing, editing, deletion or building eAlbum presentation.

  • upon selecting album, Thumbnail Pane is filled with catalog products for specific album


  • Build New Album

To build new album, there must be products in selection basket. Click new to start creating new eSales Album. (User can build new eSales album from Product Show Case Window / Search Window or by clicking  Menu - eSales Presentation - eSales Album)

Upon clicking, a new window will open to provide details for new album name (compulsory input), author details and management notes. Upon saving, it will create new album with selected catalog products (from selection basket).

  • Edit Existing Album
    Select an existing album from Album Pane and click Edit Button to edit. If there are products in selection basket, User will be asked for option of including those products as well into selected album. Upon confirmation, these products will be included into existing Album.

  • Delete Existing Album
    Select an existing album from Album Pane and click Remove Button to Remove selected album. Program will require another confirmation from user, prior to removal of album.

  • Build Distributable eAlbum

Select an existing album from Album Pane and click eAlbum Button to create distributable eAlbum.  If there is previous instance of eAlbum creation for selected album, then program requires user's confirmation- whether, a new eAlbum should be created using previous design settings / features / theme. OR new eAlbum should be created with default settings. Upon clicking, a presentation building wizard will open to configure new eAlbum settings.

  • Update Catalog Product Price for specified Album Product

Vevo! eSales facilitates user to build customer / event driven eSales Album with option to have customized price settings (different than product content for price). Select album product from thumbnail pane and click to modify price. When, eAlbum is built, this price data will be used instead of product's original price as mentioned in product content section.

In the event, User wants to update selected album product prices, click    Menu - Utilities - Update Album Price. Upon clicking, a new window will open to facilitate album products price update.

  • Step I- select eSales Album from the selection list

  • Step II - select album products, for which user requires to update product price for specified album

  • Step III - Select price revision mode -(auto setting  or user defined setting)

    • If auto settings is opted, then user can configure auto setting to increase / decrease current prices by (fill auto setting parameter)

    • if User defined setting is opted, user can modify album product price in the price list

  • Step IV - To apply price updates, click Apply , or click Cancel to skip updates.


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