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Integrate Presentation Template to Suit Business Needs


Program facilitates user to integrate its theme to suit enterprise purpose and identity.

  • In Presentation Management Window, select a presentation from Browse Presentation Pane . Then click button theme setting  OR Click Menu - eSales Presentation -Presentation Management -  Theme Setting

  • Clicking the above, will open Theme Management Window


    • Select theme  from existing theme  list ( Select Theme Pane)

    • Upon theme selection, theme file pane is filled by custom content files

    • User can preview theme files  for specific theme, by selecting theme file (from theme file pane)

    • To apply, selected theme for specified presentation, user may click Apply  and to skip changes in theme for specific presentation click Cancel.

    • User can select such theme as default theme for all its new presentation building:

      • click to check the option of setting selected theme as default theme

      • Upon, saving (applying), program will now deploy this theme, while building new presentation.

    • User can also choose to apply color settings of selected  theme into design settings of presentation:

      • click to check the option of selecting color settings of  theme.

      • upon saving (applying), program will now deploy color settings of  theme into design setting of  catalog.

  • How to Insert New Theme into Program

    • Click button insert new theme  

    • Upon clicking, program will prompt user to select folder containing new theme

    • Click Ok to include.

  • How to configure color setting for entire presentation inline with theme you select (advanced user familiar with color codes etc)

    • each theme folder must contain the text file in the format provided in sample template theme

  • Important issues relating to customized theme (to be followed for new theme to work in Program)


    • there must be a folder called t_files in theme folder, which must contain the following graphic files as jpeg file. (current version of program has this limitation and in Next Version, user will have flexibility to provide its custom graphic files in other formats as well the text links)


      In the event, the above files are not found in \(theme folder name)\t_files, the program uses its default graphics while publishing catalog.

    • Presentation Header file structure saved in text files as:

      cpegheader.txt (to be used for all other pages)
      fpegheader.txt (to be used for gateway page)

      Refer to specimen header files in sample templates provided.

      In the event, these text files are not provided, user can fill these header tags in design setting window of program.



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