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Introduction : New to Vevo! eSales

Congratulations on choosing Vevo! eSales - to build / maintain digital catalog, plan / execute your digital marketing and  prepare/manage/publish  sales presentation .  If this is your first time using eSales,  there are a few basic concepts you might want to consider before you begin

Using Vevo! eSales, user can  maintain digital catalog with industry driven product content management; build digital marketing and/or eSales driven interactive presentation to its prospects / customer and manage its back office.

For the first time user, the default login name and password is admin / admin.

Like any effective marketing mechanics, product content holds the key. To explore and benefit from the software, it is recommended to build the content first and then plan your sales presentations vis-a-vis design settings, theme integration, products selection etc..

Please pick a topic from the choices below:

How to approach the overall content structure of your digital catalog
What to consider to build sales presentation
How to publish presentations for effective sales and marketing

Ready to take the next step? For an introduction to some of Vevo! eSales 's basic functions, please read the Vevo! eSales  Getting Started  guide.


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