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Printed Catalog

Vevo! eSales facilitates quick preparation of printed catalog. To print catalog, Click Printed Catalog Button or click Menu - eSales Presentations -  Printed Catalog

Upon clicking, a new window will open for Printed Catalog Setting / Wizard


To navigate in this wizard, click back / next; to start making printed catalog click finish and to skip making printed catalog click Cancel.

  • Step I - select catalog products for printing:

    • entire catalog (if opted will include all catalog products)

    • Selection Basket products (if opted, will include products in selection basket)

    • Presentation Criterion (user can select from specific presentation)

  • Step II - Based upon step I above, catalog products will be filtered to be listed in left side list. User may now include these products into final printed catalog list by clicking > or >> (for all products of available products)

  • User can also select the border for printed catalog by checking to border setting

  • User can select per page catalog products for printed catalog from drop down list (available options - 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32)


  • Step III - User can configure product contents to be displayed on printed catalog. (user is required to keep contents in the manner that, each printed sheet does not overflow page size)


  • Step IV- click finish to start building printed catalog


Step V - User can now print the catalog, by clicking or view the printed catalog in browser window by clicking


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