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How to Publish and Distribute Presentation ?

Presentation Publishing and Distribution is a very process for effective sales process and Vevo! eSales facilitates multiple mode of presentation publishing.

  • Slide Show Album ( using slide show builder)

  • Web Distributable Presentations

  • Multimedia Distributable Presentations

  • Digitally distributable Presentations

For Effective Publishing and Distribution of Presentation:

  • User must clearly identify presentation's objective, target audience and time duration for which it will be used.

  • User must distinctly identify distribution mode (e.g. electronic  display at trade shows, emails for eCampaigns or eSales Presentation etc)

  • User must carefully plan presentation building (theme, design setting, catalog products, product contents etc) to suit its publishing objective.

How should user choose publishing mode and presentation features ?

  • In the event, the catalog needs to be displayed as auto run presentation at user's showroom or display area (in  trade show or trade exhibition or showroom etc), then it is recommended to choose slide show album. Such album can then be run on large screens using projector / TV or can be run on display monitors connected with their computers etc. Visitors get to see the album view and then can meet sales representative for more enquiries.

  • In the event, catalog is to be widely displayed and user is intending to use world wide web (WWW) for its display, then user may build web distributable presentation.  Such web catalog can be easily published on web and then can be submitted on search engines for wider audience.

  • In the event, Catalog is to be displayed to selected audience (customers and/or prospects) then it is recommended to build  Multimedia distributable presentation.

  • For digital marketing and sales presentation, user can build presentation for digitally distributable presentation. Upon publishing, user can zip the entire folder and use email to distribute it to target audience. Recipient of presentation, can very conveniently unzip single file, view the entire presentation and respond back quickly.

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