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Power Search of Catalog Products

Vevo! eSales facilitates quick and powerful searching for catalog products on its name, code, category and search keywords.

  • To start search from program, click search button  from program quick menu or click (Menu - Catalog Product -  Search Catalog Product) or click  Menu - Viewer - Catalog Search


  • Upon clicking above, search window will open


  • Fill search criterion in search pane (with the option of search on product name, code, search keywords or category) and click  Search button . Upon clicking, program will search in Catalog products and will list the search results in thumbnail pane.

  • For advance search, click button . Upon clicking, a new window for advance search will open


    • user can search on code, name, category, price,  search keywords or on all criterion. Once search base is selected, user must fill the option of search type (e.g. = , like, exact word etc) and then fill search term in input box.

    • User can build search on multiple criterion with AND/OR conditions.

  •  Once search parameters are built, then click search button   to begin search. To clear all search parameters, click Reset Button . Search results are displayed in thumbnail pane.

  • Multiple Search on entire catalog contents (search will be bit slow), click Multiple Search Button . Upon clicking, a new window will open

    User may fill their multiple search words, and click Go Button to start search. To clear all search parameters, click Clear Button  Search results are displayed in thumbnail pane.

  • User with the search results, in thumbnail pane can:

    (catalog product adding, deletion and modification  is restricted to secured access only)

  • Refer to the following for various facilities from Search Window:

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