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Trade Show Specific Slide Show Builder

Once user has built presentation, it can be quickly published at slide show using program's slide show builder.

  • Click Menu - eSales Presentation - Exhibition / Trade Show Presentation

    (User can also quickly create slide show by selecting presentation from presentation browse pane in presentation management window and then clicking Desktop Slide Button)

  • Clicking the above, will open Trade Show / Exhibition Specific Presentation Window.


  • Select presentation for which, slideshow presentation is required to be prepared. Or select All Products (in the event, user has accessed this window from presentation management window / Album Window, user need not select presentation for publishing)

  • Click  to select the folder path on your hard disk drives, where you want to save presentation.

  • Click  Create button to start the process of trade show specific presentation building.

  • Upon completion of process, user may preview the slide show album by browsing the destination path given from windows explorer.

  • Now, Slide Show Album is available at your system for distribution or display (by clicking slideshow.htm)

Features of Slide Show Album / Trade Show Specific Presentation

  • Album view pane

  • album view pane has powerful advanced features like:

    • catalog item selection option for quick navigation,

    •  background color changing,

    • catalog item random sequencing,

    •  transition effects,

    • preload graphics for enhanced speed)

  • thumbnail pane to display all catalog products. User may double click any specific thumbnail to switch back to album view pane to see its large size

  • user may double click any graphic file on album view pane to zoom the view.


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