Vevo! eSales

Marketing Software for Catalog Driven Business

Digital Catalog, EMarketing, Sales Campaign and Sales Lead Conversion Tool

Digital Catalog, Printed Catalog, Sales Presentation, Interactive Customer Quotation and Customer/Event Driven Mini Album Tools ; Digital Marketing Tool, Customer Interaction Tools, Image Cataloging & Graphic Tools; Product Content Management Tools  � All in One, integrated, simplified ONLY AT $29.95


Vevo! eSales has a very comprehensive and integrated solution for small to medium sized business enterprises for their catalog management, product content management, product graphics management, digital display of catalog products, effective email communication with customers / prospects, sales presentations, customer quotation making and tracking, trade show specific catalog presentations, customer/event/market specific catalog presentations, sales campaign management, printed catalog making, On Demand catalog presentation making. All these features in one integrated software (unlike most other software) at price of less than one softwareClick to Try Before You Buy  

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Sales & Marketing Solutions

Interactive Presentations

Product Content Management

Enable Business Digitally

  Sales and Marketing Solutions for Catalog Business  

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We help you to do it better !!!
  • MS Excel Driven Powerful Offer / Quotation Making with built in product details / graphics and response sheet  New
  • Unlike most digital cataloging and/or accounting tools, build offers with product graphics and product details like OFFLINE WEB

  • Built-in response system in your customer quotation / offer sheet to enhance your customer response ease

  • Integrate web catalog details, to facilitate electronic order obtaining & efficient emailing New

  • Do-It-Yourself Sales & Promotion
  • Back Office Automation for Catalog Driven Business
  • Productive Interaction in Customer Meet followed with immediate digital delivery of customer specific album
  • Interactive & Productive Catalog Presentations 
  • Exhibition / Trade Show Presentations
  • Sales Campaign Management and Response Enhancement
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Cataloguing
  • Product Content Management
  • Co ordination tool for Sales Network
  • Sales Lead Enhancement and powerful customer response to boost conversion

  • For Catalog driven business enterprises, sales and marketing has taken new dimensions with the growing use of digital contents, web publishing and multimedia channels. Traditional mode of product display, sales lead generation, sales enquiry management and customer interaction needs to be supplemented with digital mode. Vevo! eSales offers comprehensive sales and marketing solutions of all sizes at very affordable price. One need not invest in expensive technology and complex systems now. Just build product contents with Vevo! eSales and get on to sales and marketing tasks in simplest and effective manner

    Vevo! eSales powers sales team with effective customer handling, for  quick & interactive display, easy customer data retrieval,  digitally distributable presentation, powerful responsive communication, effective mode for sales lead conversions and electronic orders.

    Vevo! eSales works at each stage of sales and marketing to support conventional sales process :

    • sales campaign process
    • sales presentation making for selected products / markets / events
    • sales lead generation from campaign / presentation
    • customer display process through product show case, virtual viewer and power search; supported  with customer specific mini catalog / digital photo album and distributable digital presentation
    • customer quotation / offer making
    • sales enquiry tracking
    • effective sales presentation and customer interaction to generate quality sales leads and better conversion.
    • online order processing.
    • interactive catalog presentations to facilitate all features, which are essential for sales / marketing.


    Vevo! eSales as Sales and Marketing Solution for all types of catalog business:


    Retailer's Solution: Retailer engaged in catalog driven business can boost its sales at many stages of business with:

    • the powerful digital catalog driven display of catalog products

    • show room specific presentations (ideal for shop floor for store visitors)

    • quick access to catalog product information - updated information

    • quick emailing of customer selection products for second review, self run mode catalog products for shop visitors.

    • quick sales quotation builder for customer with digitally distributable interactive sales quotation

    • printed catalog solutions

    Sales Network Solution: Sales network (wholesalers, distributor, sales agent, sales office, sales representatives etc) can be effectively communicated with product updates and product announcements. Moreover, the sales network can also use eSales for effective sales and marketing process.

    • quick and interactive way to provide product updates to sales network

    • sales network can use eSales (with synchronized  product catalog) effectively perform for sales targets  in respective markets

    • show room specific presentations (ideal for shop floor for store visitors)

    • printed catalog for new product announcements and/or product updates

    • new product announcement with complete product contents and power graphics for product launch

    • interactive and optimized emailing of product catalog presentations for sales network enquiry

    • quick sales quotation builder for customer with digitally distributable interactive sales quotation

    Online Sales Solution: Most catalog business can effectively use Vevo! eSales, as support function to their online presence (web storefront / web catalog). User can also view powerful web catalog and multimedia CD brochure software by Vevosoft.

    • quick and interactive way to respond to customers / prospects for better sales conversion

    • effective and productive sales campaign to increase sales leads

    • compliments online web catalog with web catalog integration for ecommerce enabled catalog presentation

    • new product announcement with complete product contents and power graphics for product launch

    • digital distribution of sales presentations enables to reach larger audience

    Trade Show / Exhibition Specific Solutions  : Most catalog business do participate in trade shows for their new product announcements and new sales leads generations.

    • trade show specific slide show generation for quick display

    • digital display of products backed with easier selection process by prospects, interactive quotation and customer specific digital album

    • effective and interactive customer response can increase possibility of sales lead conversion

    • prepare trade show specific digital album with event specific pricing announcements

    Sales and Marketing Solutions : Automate sales and marketing functions for catalog driven business with effective sales process handling and back office management

    • enables efficient preparation and planning for catalog driven business enterprises

    • supports conventional, digital and web driven sales process (through printed catalogs, digital catalogs, customer specific digital albums, digitally distributable sales presentations, sales campaigns etc)

    • enables product information sharing with sales team, sales network, customers and prospects

    • easier customer handling with higher focus on effective and response enabled communication

    Download Vevo! eSales for Free Now !!! Free! Free!!




    • All Business Enterprises who use catalog and/or product graphics for sales lead generation or customer presentation should use powerful and feature rich Vevo! eSales.

    •  If your business requires to frequently provide the product details (incl. graphics) of your merchandise  to your dealer, distributor, customer or prospect; then also this Sales Enhancement Software, can be of immense use to save resources and convert your sales opportunities to revenue.

    If you are frustrated with poor sales lead generation, slow customer / prospect response, product content updates related back office issues, delays in coordination with sales team/marketing network, time & resources spent towards customer meet or event preparation and/or multiple tools currently used for catalog business issues....



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    Vevo! eSales Download Details

    File Size 15.7 MB
    License: Free to try; $ 45 to buy (special offer $ 29.95)
    Minimum requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    Uninstaller included?: Yes
    Additional requirement MDAC 2.8 Version
    Limitations: freeware version restricts up to 200 catalog products;  trial version 30  days
    Current Version 3.1 (built on July 27, 2005)

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    Also Create web catalog and multimedia CD Catalog with our Vevo! CatalogBuilder

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